Smaragd 1

Smaragd is German for emerald.  The DDR-produced Smaragd tonbandgerät, or reel to reel recorder, is a great body for an amplifier.  The size is perfect for carrying around while still large enough to hold
an 8" speaker.  The original tolex is stripped off, then the wood is sanded down to remove any remaining glue.  In this case, I've used a black stain made for indoor/outdoor so it is very durable.
The circuit is simple with a Telefunken ECC808 leading into a Valvo EL84.  There is one tone control-- which determines the amount of bass-- and a volume.  Everything else is in the instrument and your fingers.  The amp gives an accurate and open tone, really nice for recording some clean country sounds!
Included is a matching wooden cover and of course, the compartment on the bottom holds the power cord.