Black Magic Fuzz

Currently available  160€

This is a one of a kind fuzz face circuit using original OC75 germanium transistors taken from a 1960's Siemens medical device-- I can't find similar transistors anywhere they have an unusual shape and a terrific sound.  The knobs on the right allow for control of bass rolloff; bias; and distortion.  The center knob controls the output.  It's a great, simple circuit which has a lot of variety with the different knobs-- it can be barely creaking by or give full-blown metal distortion.

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
sample 4
sample 5

Sample 1, 2, and 3 are the "normal setting" with different pickups selected; 4 and 5 demonstrate the ability to affect bias to get a strange cutoff synthy sound.

The samples are provided by Raphael Tschernuth and were made using a Fender Jazzmaster guitar played through a Rerunned 2x 6V6 amplifier into a ZOOM H4n minirecorder