FKB Meschede Tube HiFi Amplifier

Built for Stefan Klepzig

This is a nice little HiFi amp based on the Dynaco Stereo 35 (18 Watts per side with a pair of EL84).
The transformers are all new and come from Triode Electronics in the U.S.  The re-issue Z565 output transformers are especially useful as they have 4 and 8 Ohm taps which helps with modern speakers.

Operation is very simple with only knobs:  one for volume, the other for selecting the input.  Also included, but not pictured, is an external solid state phono preamplifier with separate power supply.  
The amp makes a surprisingly strong impression-- even with its small size bass frequencies are very clean and deep.  It is really the perfect sized amp for an average living room flat here in Berlin!