1.  How much does a Rerun item cost?  The cost of all Rerun items varies according to features and variables decided upon by the customer.  The goal is to have each unit custom built to include exactly what the user wants.  A starting point for typical items is given under the "Pricing" page.

2.  What do you have currently for sale?  Normally, Rerun only offers products that are built specifically for the customer; therefore there is usually not a list of items ready to be sold.

3.  How long does it take to receive a finished unit?  This is a difficult question to answer as different projects take different amounts of time to complete.  Generally, projects are finished one month after the first deposit is received.  If the order must be finished sooner the resulting price must reflect this.

4.  How does the payment work?  Payment is separated into two halves.  The first half is the deposit.  This allows for the purchase of parts and a suitable case.  Upon completion of the item, the second half of the payment is requested.  Any photos or sound samples of the finished device are often sent at this time.

5.  Do you accept trades or give discounts when I have a case I would like to have built?  Trade offers are welcome.  Many customers have brought cases which were purchased from flea markets or the like.  This is always a great way to save time and expenses.

6.  Tubes (Valves) or Transistors?  Tubes are always to be preferred as they are extremely reliable, rugged devices-- contrary to what some might believe-- as well as being easy to service.  There are times when transistors are useful however and Rerun equipment often uses both devices.