Due to the many requests Rerun has decided to set a basic price list for common items:

Suitcase amplifiers starting from 350€:  These are small, portable amplifiers built from old reel to reel tape machines.  Options include: single ended or push-pull output; tone controls; reverb (digital or spring); delay (digital); line output; speaker output; etc.

Spring Reverb units starting from 350€:  There are many options available for these including: single-ended or push pull driver circuit; guitar and/or line input; straight signal level and tone controls; high pass and/or low pass filter on reverb return; VU meter or magic eye tube; etc.

Spring Reverb and Tremolo units starting from 400€:  Similar options as above, plus the option of Vibrato and/or Tremolo.

Microphone Preamplifiers starting from 300€ (mono):  Options include: line/instrument input; transformer balanced input and output; VU meter; phantom power +48V; etc.

Effect pedals starting from 100€:  

Guitar amplifiers starting from 400€:  Options include: output wattage; effects such as reverb, bias tremolo, and delay; VU meter; line output; tone controls; etc.

All prices are in € Euro and are subject to change according to availability