All Rerun products are custom built so pricing is extremely variable according to the customer's requirements.  The following are simply examples and prices are not set in stone. 

Tube Spring Reverb Units:
  • €1500  Full featured stereo spring reverb unit with transfomrer balanced line input and output; all tube signal path; switch between different types of spring tanks; Equalization options include HPF, LPF or Tilt EQ with a mid band; 3HE rack or vintage chassis.
  • €1000 Full featured mono spring reverb unit otherwise similar to the stereo options.
  • €600 Stand alone unit for guitar.  All tube signal path and single spring of choice (2 or 3 spring tanks)  Larger tanks (42cm) will need an appropriately large chassis.  Options inlcude a traditional Fender style reverb or a completely spacey Rerun style reverb.  Tremolo or Vibrato are also possible add-ons.

Tube Instrument amplifiers (guitar, bass, keyboard, etc.):  
  • €400 5-10 Watt amplifier for home or studio
  • €600 10-20 Watt amplifier for home, studio and smaller gigs
  • €800 20-50 Watt amplifier for more power and larger gigs
  • €1000 50-100 Watt amplifier for bass and cleaner sounds
  • Options include reverb €150, tremolo €100, vibrato €150, delay €100

Tube Microphone Preamplifiers:   
  • €400 Single channel 
  • €800 Two channel
  • €1600 5 or 6 channels with mixing function (Ampex MX10, Altec 1567a, etc)
  • Options include: line/instrument input; transformer balanced input and output; VU meter; phantom power +48V; rack mount or vintage chassis; etc.

All prices are in € Euro and are subject to change according to availability